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Hi! I was wondering about the path to hope artbook...where will the profits be going? To a charity, or spread among the artists? It looks like a beautiful book, and before ordering I just wanted to clarify?
soundlesswind replied:

The profits of the book are going to a good friend in great and imminent need; to help her pick her life back up. That’s why the project is named The Path to Hope. All participating artists know about it and have agreed to help out from the kindness of their hearts.

Because it’s more of a personal matter, I did not disclose this detail to the public, nor was I comfortable with calling it a charity because that would give the wrong impression, although I actually have set aside a portion to be donated to a Cancer Society of her choice. To clarify, I am not keeping a cent.

This artbook was planned only a couple short months ago. At the time I didn’t know what I could do. I wracked my brain for answers and ultimately I found I couldn’t do anything on my own. So I reached out to my friends…who have all been really good to me…and they reached back so that I wouldn’t have to lose one. 


The Path to Hope: Magical Girl x Pokemon Anthology

Over 30 amazing artists from around the world come together to bring you one heck of a doujin crossover, with 48 vibrant, full-colour pages in B5 size, featuring magical ladies from modern and classic works.

Artist List:

Ah-Bao, Aka-Shiro, Akimiya, Cezaria, Cosmolade, Draa, Eaphonia, Einlee, Ferazhin, Goku-no-Baka, Hitsukuya, IKR, Joyfool, Kaze-Hime, Makotoffee, Kissai, KL-chan, Kurot, LuluSeason, Mimimiru, Minevi, Naguri, Namie-kun, Noxi, OfSkySociety, Pancake-Waddle, Raemz, Shiyun, Synpai, Toumin, Tsulala(Rem), Uviski, Yooani, and Zeiva! (artist previews will be reblogged/posted here)

Featuring series such as:

Cardcaptor Sakura, Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, Magic Knight Rayearth, Panty and Stocking, PreCure, Pretear, Princess Tutu, Puella Magi Madoka, Sailor Moon, Shugo Chara!, Tokyo Mew Mew, and many more!

!! Limited stock book, grab your copy [HERE] now!!

~ $25 Regular Set ~

  • pre-order bonus: postcard of Princess Tutu

~ $35 Deluxe Set ~

  • deluxe pre-order bonus: additional 8pg art booklet!
  • pre-order bonus: postcard of Princess Tutu
  • Early Bird Special: sketched artwork on cardstock by Kaze-Hime (6 qty. available only!), including all of the above pre-order bonuses.

Ships internationally. Pre-order end-date: Late May (tentative). Bonus booklet details TBD.

This book will never be reprinted, ever!

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my entry to the homestuck t-shirt design contest!! a lot of details got cut when i cropped the images so i’ll upload the full drawings soon!

if you like my design, i’d really appreciate if you could vote for me on welovefine or reblog this! thank you from the bottom of my dark and empty heart \(´∀`)ノ

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Hi guys! Thank you for waiting on us. But wait no more! Preorders are out now on our Storenvy shop!

  • 75+ artists
  • 80+ pages
  • Hardcover book
  • Limited edition extras!


All proceeds go to charity: water. If you have any questions regarding the artbook, please let us know by sending us a note!

Artist Masterlist || DeviantArt Group

Norende’s sole survivor


Pre-orders for my magical girl artbook are now open!!

Pre-orders will be closing sometime around March 8th (I will update this when need be).

★Guest Artists★ 
Akimiya  |  alexisneo  |  Lavender-Ice  |  hitsukuya  |  YukikaChan  |  PeachMaiden  |  cosmolade  |  cherriuki  |  Slugbox  |  harukatsune  |  MagicalSakura | Apricot-Crown

-Full Colour/Perfect Bound 
-Letter size (8.5x11) 
-56 pages on gloss paper 
-25+ pages of unseen work 
-12 Guest artists 
-9 pages of bonus content (comics, sketches, and walkthrough)

 Shipping Costs 

Canada- $8
USA- $10
International- $12

Important Notes on Shipping:
-These prices are for standard post only; if you are getting your book mailed INTERNATIONALLY, it may take up to 40 days to reach you. If you would like a faster shipping option it is $8 extra, please let me when you make your order. 
-US and Canada orders will take up to 2 weeks to reach you.
-I am not responsible for any lost mail! However, I have never actually had any problems with lost mail.

★ How To Order★ 

If you are paying via Paypal, please purchase through my Storenvy HERE.
If you are paying via cash/check through mail, please see HERE.

★Let me know if you want it signed. It costs no extra!★

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a secret santa gift for woyoo/stellヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

my 2013 summary!! i already have a huge list on what to work on and 2013 was five days long this is fact. (full size on dA)

tea and coffy for comic fiesta’s 100 day countdown!

emperor’s burden

HHHHHHHHHAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAUTIFUL VI!!!!!!!!! your art is freaking gorgeous and perf and you are gorgeous and perf hhhhh hope today’s been going Absolutely Fabulous and SORRY IT’S SO RUSHED NERVOUS LAUGHTER faceshots ftw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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