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i… hate studying

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Hi, guys!! I worked on this short piece back in March as my entry for the 2014 Silent Manga Audition. Judging has just ended, so all the entries are now public!

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It ended up on the finalist list as a Winner’s Runner-Up, which I’m… utterly speechless about!!!!! I really can’t express my honor?!?! I’m still in a dream-like state of disbelief, to be honest… I hope I can give my thanks to the committee soon!! (They haven’t contacted us yet lmao)

I also have a lot of commentary about this piece, but I don’t want to spill them all on this post, so here’s a link to that as well hahahaha

Hope I have the time and diligence to produce more comics in the near future!! Thanks for reading!

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Kind of delayed since I had to reprint a lot of the posters, but my storenvy’s open again!


I already added domestic shipping fees to the items, so US residents shouldn’t see any during checkout! (Storenvy’s shipping utility is a little oversimplified + I get to offer the same deals I had at AX this way!!) It should be set up correctly, but please let me know otherwise!

Sincere thanks for the patience and support to the few who showed interest beforehand. ヽ(;▽;)ノ If you have any questions or concerns, go ahead and drop me an e-mail/direct message!

Thank you, everyone!!!!

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